Monday, August 20, 2007

Holly Does Technology: Day One

Hey everyone! Hopefully you will read my column on Wednesday and find your way to my new Blogspot. As I explained in this week's Urban Tulsa Weekly, after resisting the ever-expanding world of technology and multimedia, save an e-mail account and Myspace page, I've finally given over to what I like to call the "dark side" and decided to take advantage of the vastness of the worldwide Web to expand my arts coverage in Tulsa.

Typically, I review as much theatre as I can but only provide previews to visual art exhibits, mainly to get people out to the openings. Steve Liggett, of Living Arts of Tulsa and Liggett Studios, has long suggested I review visual art exhibitions and gallery openings, and I haven't really, due primarily to space constraints in the physical issue of the paper. At a recent Association of Alternative Newsweeklies writing conference, I was inspired to expand my coverage of the arts in Tulsa via reviews and additional stories and correspondence I'll publish in this blog and allude to in my Arts Experienced column. Also, I'd love it if anyone reading this (is anyone reading this?) would post comments and send me messages about your opinions of art in Tulsa. Occasionally there might be an event I can't make it to, and if you guys can, let me know how it went. I'd love to post reader reviews as well.

Upcoming events I plan on attending: The Alexandre Hogue gallery at TU (Phillips Hall, 5th Street between College and Evanston) will open "Facets of Perception" this Thursday, August 23, with a reception from 5-7pm. The exhibit consists of 30 paintings by an New York-based association of still life painters, called Zeuxis, all of which include a common element--a small glass tumbler. Also, Gilcrease Museum will open, on Friday, August 24, an historically-themed art exhibit called "1776-1876: A Century of American History in Art." And I have a couple of tickets to Philbrook I need to use before September, so I'll check out what's going on there sometime soon.

I'm excited the fall arts season is about to begin, and UTW will preview it in two weeks with the first installment of our "Curtains Up!" series, so look for that and plenty of other arts stories coming soon. The next few weeks, and pretty much every one after that, will have plenty to offer both visually and theatrically. And keep coming back to check on the blog and watch my technological skills improve (hopefully). The look is kind of boring right now, but hopefully someone can help me fix that soon. And I'll try to get pictures posted, too, of all of the openings I attend.

I'll update soon with more upcoming events and reviews of this weekend's openings. Any other suggestions? Send 'em over.